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Welcome. Stay awhile. Breathe.

It's So Tasty Too!
Sybil and Nigel


I love faces. Smooth or wrinkled, funny or serious, two-legged or four-legged. I paint the faces of our beloved human and animal family. Using color and texture, my hope is to capture the likeness, soul and spirit in every portrait. I believe that every person (and every animal!) is so much more than meets the eye. You were created with intention and purpose. You are one-of-a-kind. You are a masterpiece.


I live in Loveland, Colorado, with my photographer/musician husband and our three cats. Our home is an oasis where we enjoy time in our studio or on the patio. I specialize in commissioned portraits of both people and pets. Life is about growth, and I intend to live and grow in both art and love.


I am the Membership Chair of Thompson Valley Art League (TVAL), and Gallery Director of Lincoln Gallery, which is owned by TVAL. I love our local art community, and helping each artist live their best creative life. Click the link below to see what is happening at Lincoln Gallery.

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