Lisa DuBois

Lisa DuBois


Value is defined as relative worth, merit or importance; 

in fine art, it is also the lightness or darkness of an image. 

The values in my paintings capture soul and Spirit, the value of a person... 

as the Artist in me values the Artist in you.




You are so much more than what meets the eye.

You are body, soul & spirit. You are a masterpiece, created one-of-a-kind. There is no one like you, there has never been anyone like you,

and there will never be another you.


My acrylic paintings are a hybrid of traditional portraiture, capturing the likeness of that unique person, while introducing a contemporary palette-knife technique, where I introduce bold colors that live in harmony with the painting. 

The process takes time, and layers of paint, that represent the time and layers of your humanity. After I have achieved a refined likeness in the portrait, I take a risk.

What is life without risk, right? 


At this point, the portrait is a fine traditional painting. I could continue with this style; it would be the safe thing to do…. but instead I take courage to be vulnerable. I set down the paintbrushes and pick up the palette knives.


This is where the painting is transfused with life. In the broad, bold strokes of a palette knife, the portrait captures soul & spirit. One of a kind, just like you.


Take Courage

to be


It is a time to trust the art skills that I have developed over the last 40 years, and more importantly, to trust God, and to keep this an act of worship, creating in collaboration

with the One Who created me.


“I have to try,

but I do not have to succeed.

Following Christ has nothing to do with success

as the world sees success.

It has to do with love.”


             -Madeleine L’Engle


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