Lisa DuBois

Lisa DuBois


Value is defined as relative worth, merit or importance; 

in fine art, it is also the lightness or darkness of an image. 

The values in my paintings capture soul and Spirit, the value of a person... 

as the Artist in me honors the Artist in you.


Creating art is a spiritual experience. It comes from within… where body, soul & spirit merge. I was created to create. My artwork is a spiritual discipline, birthed in the understanding of who I am.


I have done many different things in life, but throughout my life, I have always been an artist. I have found freedom in understanding that I have been created to create… and so have you!


In addition to creating art, I love leading other artists, blocked artists, artist wannabe’s and children. You are creative; find the artist in you. Click on my EVENTS page for more info!


It begins with a prayer… and the Bible.

The imagery is poetic; its truth speaks directly to the soul.

When I land on a passage that is speaking to me, I begin to envision how it would look as a painting. I pray and open my sketchbook. This is all part of my conversation with God, my collaboration with the Holy Spirit. He loves to create with us…

The Word of God is alive, inspiring,

and my ever-present compass to guide me.


"Hey God...

what would you like to create together today?"

In my studio, I open my palette, allowing leftover paint to inspire me. 


This is play time with the Holy Spirit. Jesus says to come to Him as little children. I play with paint, covering the canvas in color and texture. 


Now my painting process is ready to go public. At a worship event, or a public setting, I set up my easel and canvas, lights and palette. Paintbrushes and palette knives are ready for action.


As the music begins, so the paint begins to dance across the canvas....

this is a vulnerable time in my process...

Will I be able to pull this off?

Will this painting speak to the viewer?

Will I create something meaningful, or at least recognizable in the time that I have to paint?

This is not a time for perfectionism.

It is a time to trust the art skills that I have developed over the last 40 years, and more importantly, to trust God, and to keep this an act of worship, creating in collaboration with the One Who created me.


“I have to try,

but I do not have to succeed.

Following Christ has nothing to do with success

as the world sees success.

It has to do with love.”


             -Madeleine L’Engle

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