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Happy Birthday to Me!

May is a great month for a birthday. It's when everything comes into bloom in Colorado. Even as I write, the aspens and oaks in my yard are producing leaves before my very eyes. I feel the freshness of spring and the new hope of flowers and vegetable gardens!

It's been awhile since I've written, so here's a little update on what I've been doing. I've had a bit of change, added a bit of color, and some new and completely different creative ventures have popped up!

For starters, I have written my first book! I felt like I was to write a book about the Lord's Prayer. I studied it deeply, line by line. The prayer that I have prayed since childhood has come alive to me in a new and powerful way. During the writing process, I shared it with a group of trusted friends. Each week, we discussed the fresh chapter I had written, and the things I had learned while studying this ancient prayer. Each of us was profoundly impacted during this study.

an open notebook containing a Bible study about the Lord's Prayer. The pages have subheadings and illustration.
pages from my manuscript

Now I am preparing for publication. When I complete self editing, I will hand it to the trusted hands of an editor. I'm learning as I go. Thank goodness for YouTube and Podcasts!

The book will be titled "Pray Like Jesus". It will include several images of my artwork. Stay tuned for release information : )

Notebook cover with a painting of Jesus and a title "Pray Like Jesus", a Bible Study by Lisa DuBois
Pray Like Jesus... A Journey Through the Lord's Prayer

In other news, I am happy to announce that I have been accepted into the National Fine Art Show at the Lincoln Gallery in Loveland, Colorado. The show will be May 11 - 28. The gallery is open noon - 6pm Tuesday through Saturday. Lincoln Gallery will also be open for Friday Night on the Town, May 14, 6-9pm. Check out all the Friday Night on the Town happenings in downtown Loveland here.

The National Fine Art Show Opening Reception will be live on Facebook, Friday May 8 at 6:30pm. Click here to join us live for the reception and artist awards.

Are you curious about my painting that will be in the show? Meet Ruby:

An acrylic painting of a 1920's woman wearing a scarf, a fur, and a hat.
Those were the days my friends...

Ruby is painted in acrylic on 16x20" gallery-wrapped canvas. She is one of a series of portraits that I have been creating from old black and white photos. I love the dreamy look of these old portraits. They remind us that we all have a story that includes both suffering and hope, pain and love.

My next blog-post (I promise not to wait another six months!) will have more information about my portrait painting style and technique. I have been painting some portraits for commission, both of loved ones who have gone on to eternity, and of loved ones who are the center of our lives today. Contact me here if you are interested in a portrait of a loved one.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms! Give your mom a hug... or give a mom a hug. They deserve it!

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