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You Are a Masterpiece

Hey there! You are a masterpiece. You, yes you. Not perfect, but wonderfully designed. Every wrinkle, blemish and scar, every sparkle, laugh, and expression. All of it together makes the wonder of you.

I think of these things because that is the masterpiece of me. It is the "why" of every drawing and painting that I make.

scribble drawing in colorful ballpoint pens of a woman's lips
A peek at my sketchbook: scribbles in ballpoint

This year, I have been exploring the exquisite design of the human hand. What a complicated masterpiece it is! So functional, so brilliantly designed. Hands can be incredibly emotive. They tell the story of your life.

One chapter of my story is a scar on my left index finger. I was about 15 years old, cutting the ends off ears of corn, freshly picked from our garden, when I accidentally sliced my knuckle. I will never forget the ride with my dad to the ER. With my good hand, I think I practically squeezed a hole into his hand as the doctor injected the numbing solution into my wounded finger, in preparation for stitches. Now, many decades later, you can hardly see the scar and my finger works great.

I have three new hand pieces on my website and in Lincoln Gallery this month.

charcoal and pastel painting of husband and wife holding hands
Covenant. 20 x 24" charcoal & pastel.

Covenant is a word we don't hear much anymore. This piece is inspired by the engagement of a young couple. It was a snowy day as they danced and celebrated their two lives becoming woven together. This piece did not feel like a masterpiece as I worked through it. Hands can be difficult to render correctly. You don't have to be an art critic to recognize if a hand is drawn "off".

Covenant proved to be particularly challenging. There were parts that were bothering me about the piece, so I asked an artist friend for a critique. She found another problem that I hadn't addressed yet. After that, the piece came down from the easel for a few months. I didn't know what to do with it.

Once I got over my pity party about it, I thought, well, since it's ruined anyway, I might as well experiment on it! I reworked the problem areas, then added pastel... and voila! It all came together quickly then. Funny how that works, kind of like life.

charcoal drawing of human hand making thumbs up gesture
Well Done, charcoal on canvas. 10 x 10"

Well Done and Okie join Covenant in Lincoln Gallery this month. All artwork at Lincoln is available for purchase. We are having a special Opening Reception on Friday, June 14, 6-9pm. We would love your opinion! Please visit Lincoln Gallery and vote on your favorite piece of artwork. Maybe you will fall in love with a masterpiece that you choose to invest in and add to your own art collection.

Charcoal drawing of a right hand making an OK gesture
Okie, charcoal on canvas. 10 x 10"

We will be awarding a "People's Choice Award"at Lincoln Gallery this month. I worked in the gallery two days this week; it has been delightful seeing our visitors choose their favorite. I love hearing them talk about why they love the one they chose.

When you visit Lincoln Gallery, be sure to see our new mural in progress. You can't miss it. Artist AJ Davis has been working all week on the north wall. The mural will wrap around the back to the south side too.

Mural of a woman's face on Lincoln Gallery in downtown Loveland Colorado
Mural in progress at Lincoln Gallery

Several TVAL (Thompson Valley Art League) members primed the walls of Lincoln Gallery. It was a fun morning, and the work went quickly, thanks to our volunteers! I happened to get a bit on my chin... what a Masterpiece!

Lisa DuBois smiling wearing a hat with a dot of paint on her chin
Lisa Dot-Chin DuBois

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