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A Wise Investment

Have you ever experienced buyer's remorse?

I have. I recently had a banner made to use at art shows. Turns out it's too big for my show this weekend. I will be sharing two different tents at Art in the Park this weekend (August 7-8) at North Lake Park in Loveland. I'm only taking up a small space in both tents - so I don't have room for a banner - but I do have new work to share in both tents. You may even see a legend ;)

A painting of Eddie Van Halen in Concert playing his famous Frankenstrat
Eddie and his Frankenstrat by Lisa DuBois

One of the tents will be my good friend, Christine James. Christine is multi-talented. She plays several instruments and teaches piano and voice. She also makes beautiful jewelry and artwork. Whenever you see me, if I'm wearing jewelry (which I rarely leave home without it), I'm probably wearing one of Christine's creations.

Christine and I have done several venues together. Her music inspires my painting, and she says that my painting inspires her music. In this collaboration, we create improvisational music and art. No two venues have been alike, but they are always good.

Lisa DuBois painting while Christine James plays piano
Improvisational piano and painting at the Gressiwick 2020

This weekend I will paint improvisationally at Christine's booth. Christine's music will accompany my painting. It will be improvisational music; it just won't be live. Booth space and lack of electricity at this show make it nearly impossible to play live. However, if you stop by, you will be able to hear her improvisational piano from her recent album. She will have CD's for sale at her booth, too. If you're not able to attend Art in the Park, you can purchase Christine's music and jewelry here. But I encourage you to attend because Christine has made many new pieces for this show that are not yet posted on her site.

Now are you wondering where else will I be?

I will be sharing a double-booth with several artists from the Loveland Artists' Collective. The Loveland Artists' Collective combines creative minds, disciplines, and approaches to ignite and support creative culture in Loveland.

Our mission is to draw together Creatives to educate, elevate and activate each to succeed in a thriving supportive community. The Artists' Collective gathers local artists in the community on a monthly basis. We help the artist network, meet fellow artists and learn how to succeed in the business of making a living as a Creative.

Artists in a gallery
LAC Creative Night at Lincoln Gallery, April 2021

We are an awesome, all-inclusive group. We have artists of all different mediums, levels of education and expertise. At our recent Creative Night at the Foundry, we brought our paints, easels, sketchbooks, yarn, and music, and created alongside one another.

We do all sorts of other cool stuff too. Click here to learn more about the Collective.

This weekend at Art in the Park, you will see a fine sampling of art from the LAC artists, such as Vicky Russell, Amelia Furman, Kris Grauvogl, Angi Beauheim, and more, including yours truly. Please stop by and meet my tribe... whether you are looking to buy art, or you are an artist looking for great community... or both!

Art in the Park is Colorado's longest running artisan show. We didn't even miss last year when so many other art shows were canceled. It is free to attend. There will be art of all kinds, food trucks and music. It runs concurrent with Sculpture in the Park, just across the street. You can even jump on the free shuttle that will drop you off at these two events. Be sure to bring your mask if you plan to ride the shuttle. Click here for more info.

As for my banner investment? It will just have to wait until my next show, which will be the Loveland Art Studio Tour in October.

I've made a wise investment into the Creatives I care about. See you this weekend.

Mixed media portrait of a young man sticking out his tongue
Twenty-second Birthday by Lisa DuBois

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