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Transition and Growth

I have been exploring. Not so much in my car or hiking, but in my studio. Lately I have been experimenting with different mediums: watercolor, pastel, oil. I have spent hours watching videos about more mediums, delighting my imagination about the possibilities.

The logical side of me says "stick with acrylic". It's safe; I know it pretty well. Recently, I decided to play with different mediums. I had fresh fruit from Palisade, Colorado. All the colors were so luscious. There is something peaceful about a still life, a selah moment in our world of chaos.

Each of these are quick paintings, daily painting exercises. I paint and draw a lot of things that the world never sees. You get to see a peek of my process.

A still life painting of pears and plums in a white bowl
Still Life sketch in acrylic

A wild side is emerging. A freedom in creativity that I am just beginning to tap into. That freedom is also paired with confidence in my artistic skills, and a desire to develop them more. These paintings are far from wild... I have work to do.

A pastel painting of a white bowl filled with pears and plum, from a bird's eye perspective.
Still Life sketch in pastel

Do you feel a restlessness too? That things are about to change?

There is a lot happening in our country right now. I try to stay informed, but not to dwell on it. Instead I pray. And I paint.

An oil painting of a white bowl with pears and plums
Still Life sketch in oil. Which is your favorite?

There is power in creativity. Beauty will change the world. When I paint, I am giving myself permission to find joy and beauty. I believe that joy and beauty are powerful because they are from God. God is more beautiful and joyful than we can imagine.

Is there ugliness in the world that He created? Yes. God allows it. Because of His overwhelming love for us, He has given us free will to love (or not to love). His love is powerful; it breaks the chains that have trapped us. His love broke the chains that had trapped me for many years.

Downtown Loveland pastel-covered sidewalks wet from rain, in front of a brightly colored mural at the Beet.
Art can be fleeting: Pastels on 5th washed away the very next day.

Even though I am now free in His love, I have wrestled a lot lately, questioning my purpose in art. There are other things that seem so much more important, and I know I could jump right in and do them. But that is not what my assignment is. I must remind myself that beauty will change the world. I believe that each of us is made with unique gifts and talents. It could be creative arts and music, or it could be bookkeeping (which is not my talent lol). Or it could be teaching, encouraging, and comforting another person. What do you love to do? What makes you feel alive? Whatever it is, that is the beauty in you that will change your world. I pray for you right now, that as you read this, you are getting ideas. You are finding hope. You are a masterpiece.

When you walk in your gift, it is a beautiful thing. Maybe you have a job where you don't feel like you are using your gift. You don't need to find another career (or maybe you do?). You can cultivate your gift in other ways, whether it is within your job or outside of work. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes a day. Give yourself permission to explore the possibilities. Write them down. Plant some seeds.

Portrait of a woman on a round mirror amidst a coleus plant.
Self portrait on a mirror: What is it like to truly reflect Perfect Love?

Are you in transition? Growth is happening. Even if you don't see it on the surface, there's a lot going on under the soil. You are waking up. You are coming alive. You are a masterpiece.

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Christine James
Christine James

Great article! My favorite one is the one done in oil paints. I love the texture! 💛

I am in a transition where there is a technical side that is a hurdle for me to clear before I can move on with the venture and enjoy the creative possibilities. All seems overwhelming at the moment, but I know if it’s something I’m supposed to pursue, my Heavenly Father will give me what I need to clear this hurdle and bring my creative endeavors to new heights!

And why do we do this? I am reminded, It’s not all about me, but so that He can reach out and touch others through me and bless their hearts!

It will be fun…

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