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It's So Tasty Too!

One of the greatest joys I get about being an artist is sharing beauty and hope. It's easy to be joyful when life is good, and your world is at peace. But what about when life is hard? Or when the world seems a little (or a lot) messed up?

Watercolor portrait of a woman looking up
What About Tomorrow? Portrait sketch in watercolor.

My hope and my joy are rooted in my faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus shows me the love of God like nothing else can. I love painting portraits of Jesus, and I also love to paint portraits of other people, of cats and dogs, and whatever else inspires my creative juices.

Spoon Your Way to Tasty Health!

My latest portrait is of one of my favorite comediennes. Her red hair and lips, and her outrageously hilarious show cause me to erupt in laughter every time I watch "I Love Lucy". Lucille Ball had a way of reminding us it's ok to laugh at ourselves. She makes us forget all our troubles. Check out the "It's so tasty too!" clip that inspired my latest portrait.

Acrylic portrait of Lucille Ball
It's So Tasty Too!

Watching Lucy takes me back to a simpler time before cell phones and email. I don't know what Lucy believed as far as faith goes, but I do believe that her humor was a gift from God. Lucy reminds me to laugh. I think God wants us to laugh too. He wants us to know that no matter how difficult things may be in this life, that He has something so much better for us. As it is written, "The joy of the Lord is our strength." (Nehemiah 8:10). We are strengthened when we choose joy.

Like an old sitcom, our lives on earth will one day come to an end. But our joy and our freedom is everlasting with Jesus. I think about these things more now, as our world becomes so so so very weird, as I age, and as I watch my parents age into their late 80's. Life can dish out obstacles in our path. Each one is an opportunity to grow. As it is written, "We boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." (Romans 5:3)


I think about my path, the steps I have walked in my journey, the decisions I have made. Some were good, others not so good. Recently I bought a new pair of Birkenstocks. New Birks have a wonderful camel-colored suede footbed, ready to form to your foot. Old Birks are like an old friend. They know my shape, my quirks, my likes and my annoyances. The footbed of old Birks become shiny and dark, and oh so comfortable, familiar, and welcoming.

Acrylic painting of a pair of pink birkenstocks
Old Birks, mixed media on cradled wood panel

I have painted portraits of my Birks. They represent life's journey. They have walked me through - and will walk me through - sufferings, which will bring perseverance, which builds character, which develops into hope.

Acrylic painting of new white birkenstock sandals
New Birks, mixed media on cradled wood panel

The portraits of Lucy and my Birks are available for viewing and purchase at Lincoln Gallery. I will be at Lincoln Gallery during the Loveland Art Studio Tour, Oct 7-8 and 14-15. Did you know that Lincoln Gallery was voted best art gallery in Loveland in 2023? I love Lincoln Gallery! The gallery is owned by Thompson Valley Art League (TVAL). If you would like more information about becoming a member of TVAL, contact me, or stop by Lincoln Gallery.

A final note...

I pray for you, dear reader, that whatever season you are walking through, that you are filled with joy and hope. Through perseverance, you are developing character. You are a masterpiece.

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