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Spring is Coming!

I love winter and I love snow BUT...

I am ready for some springtime!! Although I have had a busy, happy winter, I have friends and loved ones who have not. Some have had a tragic event. Others simply struggle through the darkness, brought on by the overcast skies and shortened daylight hours. When we are in that place, it takes everything we have just to survive. Maybe you can relate?

We can wait for things to get better. We can grab a glimmer of hope on a warm, late winter day... only to be looking at more Colorado snow a day later. We can sit in our darkness, and wait for Spring to arrive.

Or we can dance out of the darkness.

A colorful, textured painting of a dancer leaping out of a dark alley into bright, openness.
Dance out of the Darkness, will be released at Sweet Heart Winery, March-April 2023.

My recent painting, Dance out of the Darkness, is my prayer for all those who have been, or who are feeling hopeless and helpless. When you feel like you can't make it... I am praying and painting that you can. And you will, one leap at a time. Or maybe one step. Walking, stumbling, dancing, leaping... you can do it.

There is an outpouring, an awakening happening. God will not leave you in the darkness. He is calling you forth, whispering, "Arise, come with Me".

Spring Art Show

Brad and I will be welcoming Spring with our artwork at Sweet Heart Winery. This year, Christine James is joining us! Our exhibition will be on display, March & April 2023. All items are available for purchase. Please join us at our Opening Reception, Tuesday, March 7, 5:30-7:30. Let's welcome Spring together!

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