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Welcome to my Studio

In a world all about numbers and efficiency... art isn't.

There are things in my home where efficiency is the goal. Our furnace and air conditioner come to mind. We replaced ours this summer. I pray that they run efficiently for another 20 years. I have much more fun spending our money on travel and art (and art supplies!).

My home studio is a spare bedroom at the end of the hall on our 2nd floor. It is tucked away, out of sight. Since it is perpetually in some form of disarray, I can close the door behind me when I leave, so that the mess isn't a distraction to humans or kitties.

My glorious mess of a studio. Some of these paintings will be available to purchase at the Loveland Art Studio Tour.

However, some days, my studio leaks. The hallway becomes a staging area for my latest project... whether it is at home, or I am taking tools and supplies to share at a local art workshop or at a live painting venue.

doorway to an art studio, with art supplies in the hallway
Art supplies ready to go to my next workshop. I will be teaching how to draw a portrait this weekend.

Recently, on hot summer days, my studio has leaked into my dining room. I liked the change in venue, and the availability of my painting being RIGHT THERE, kept drawing me in to work on it.

Female artist painting at an easel with palette nearby on table.
Working on my latest painting, July 53. You will be able to see this during the Loveland Art Studio Tour.

And on mild days, I love painting on my patio. Our oak trees offer shade all day, plus the fountain plays a watery melody.

painting and paintbrushes in dappled sunlight
Dappled sunshine kisses the canvas on this work-in-progress on my patio.

Outdoor water fountain with water
The sound of the water running down this fountain is a great accompaniment to painting.

Last week, my studio was at the YMCA of the Rockies, as we painted drums with alcohol ink. These drums have special significance. Friends and I received them from Her Voice, which was a women's conference we attended in July. And now we prepare for Her Voice Rally to come to the YMCA October 28-29. I invite you to join me. If you are hungry for a move of God in your life, then this is for you. Click the links in this paragraph to learn more. Or contact me, and I will be happy to help you.

A woman paints with colorful alcohol ink onto a drum.
Painting with alcohol ink on drums.

This October, I invite you into my home studio. I will bring my studio to the main floor of my house, and hopefully out on the patio if the weather cooperates! Here's what you can expect:

  • be the first to see my newest work, available for purchase

  • shop my abstract series, they are bright and fun :)

  • see my early work, some of which is available for purchase

  • see paintings in process, learn a bit about my style and inspiration

  • try it yourself! Learn about drawing a portrait... the best way to start is to draw yourself :)

  • be refreshed with a snack & a beverage

  • listen to live improvisational piano by Christine James

A day visiting artists is not wasted. Art is not about efficiency nor is it about numbers. Come to be refreshed. To be inspired. To learn a little about my process. Expand your creative side and draw a self portrait; I will have more details about that in my next newsletter :)

The Loveland Art Studio Tour is October 9-10 & 16-17, 11a-5p daily. We have developed a wonderful app, complete with artist bios and an interactive map, making it easy to find my studio as well as other studios near mine. Click here for my info and location. You can also download a map here.

Front of a two-story house with pots of coleus in front.
Look for the terra cotta colored house on the corner of Piney River Dr & Independence Dr.

"Art is love made visible." - Lisa DuBois

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