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From the Studio

Summertime is here! I thought I'd share a bit about what I've been doing in the studio this spring.

I added a second painting to a series titled "Teach a Man to Fish". Last year, I came across some old family photos of men holding fish. A story spoke to me about a simpler time. A time before digital photography, when people were intentional about each photo taken. Each photo came at a price. The photographer had to pay for the film as well as the developing. I find it interesting to look at old photos and see what people found worthy of documenting. Today, if you look at the photos on my phone, you will see photos of my family, my cats, my friends, and random memes that make me laugh, like this one:

Bob Ross meme
Who doesn't love a little Bob Ross?

Anyway, back to my studio, and the photographs that inspire me. These men with their catch of the day. Why, after a long day fishing, did they take the time to get the camera, and the wife or the friend, and snap a photo? Maybe it was for bragging rights from a day of fishing.

An older man seated, wearing trousers, a white tee shirt and glasses, as he holds two fish in his hands, while there are more fish on the tarp in front of him.
Teach a Man to Fish... and you'll feed him for a lifetime.

These photos document more than the evidence that the fish really was "this loooong". They documented the effort taken. Perhaps fishing was a pleasurable activity, but there is also a sense of pride in the painting, as the fisherman flexes his muscles. It's as if he's saying, "Look at what I have provided for my family."

A man standing on a dock, wearing trousers, no shirt, a ball cap, and a cigarette dangling from his mouth, while he holds a very large catfish by a rope.
July '53... a hot muggy day in Missouri, where the catfish are strong fighters.

These acrylic paintings are painted with brushes and palette knives, with lots of texture. I chose a palette reminiscent of a vintage photo. I'm thinking about adding a couple more paintings to this series. Since we live in Colorado, I'd love to add a trout fisherman. Do you have an old photo for inspiration? Maybe you have an old photo tucked away in a box... Perhaps it's time for it to be transformed into a portrait for your wall. It's not too early to begin thinking about Christmas presents. I still have room in my calendar later this summer to schedule commissions. Contact me if you would like to talk about a commissioned portrait.

These two paintings are for sale and would make a nice pair. One is 15 x 30", the other is 18 x 24". Each one is $600, framed.

Currently they are on display at Commercial Interiors in Loveland. The owners at Commercial Interiors are great supporters of local artists. When they meet with clients about office furniture, they also promote and sell local art. That's a pretty nice catch, wouldn't you say?

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