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Let's do this together :)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Remember me? It's been awhile. I have had a busy season in the studio, painting commissions. I love painting "co-missions": they are a collaboration, a joined mission, between me, the commissioner, and the subject of my painting. Here are a few recent commissions:

I can't help but use the word "special" with each one: a special wedding proposal, a special beloved horse named Gus, and special memories of Nancy's roots in Ventura Beach. My heart and my prayers pour into each painting. Our love and our memories of special people, events, and places... these paintings are powerful reminders which bring joy and hope through good times and hard times.

Do you have a special person, place, or pet? Have you considered going on a mission with an artist in finding that unique way to celebrate, remember, and bring joy and hope to your home? I would love to talk with you about your ideas. Finding the right artist for the commission is important, because we are on a "co-mission". Together we create a beautiful painting that you will cherish.

And if I'm not the style for you? That's ok. I have lots of artist friends, and am happy to help you find the right artist for your investment.

I have lots of other news to share with you, very soon, about upcoming shows.

Thank you for joining me in this journey of art!

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